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Saturday, February 8, 2014
Good4Life now offer FREE SHIPPING
Yes, Good4Life do now offer FREE SHIPPING and we have extended our special offers to cover over 90% of our range of supplements.
Friday, July 19, 2013
Special Offers now exceed 80%

Special Offers now exceed 80%

Last year we were proud to put spcial offers on 60% of our range of products.  Folowing a lot of positive feed-back and increased sales we have extended this to well over 80% of our range being on a buy 2,3, or 4 get one free offer.  

This means that your favorite product may now be at an unbeatable unit price.   So it's time to check us out again.

Thursday, October 20, 2011
Expanded Range, Extended Offers, Rapid Growth

Check out our new range and special offers!

Good 4 Life have added over 25 new products on the last two quarters.

60% of our products are now under the special offer of Buy 2 get 1 Free!.  

Plus every single product in our range has been permanently reduced in price as a result of growing volumes. 

As a result of the above, and thanks to you, we have experienced rapid sales growth of over 700% this year.

Good 4 Life go from Green to Greener!

We have added 50% recycled grey polybags to our ecologically based shipping packaging portfolio. This cuts down on the volume of trees needed to support our business.

Our invoices are now set be electronic only with all your rights unaffected.

All our Brown Bottles are now leading edge Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET Amber bottles.

80% of our packaging is now reused or recycled.

Capsule production is by machinery fed using gravity only.  Supply vehicles unload on the second floor.

Finished products are housed in warehouses with sky-lit roofing.

Thankyou from...


A New Generation of Vitamins

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Discounts Galore

Good 4 Life now have multiple free bottles offers for our customers. Look Out for the Buy One Get One Free or Buy Two Get One Free at the bottom of the Product Details Pages.

Friday, September 24, 2010
Protein Powder Comparison

Protein Powder is for bodybuilders right? Wrong! Find out why endurance athletes need to listen to body builders a little more often. Plus how does your protein powder rate against a table properly ranking them for grams of protein for a fixed weight rather than the many various serving sizes.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
New Good 4 Life branded Label introduced.
Good 4 Life have launched their own brand meticulously manufactured 100% in the USA to standards that exceed GMP standards. We are able to label our product "Made in the USA" and in doing so we have dramatically reduced the Carbon Foot-Print of our products. Our range includes a high quality minimally processed Organic (in fact Vegan) range. Use our organics range to avoid pesticides, to ensure maximum bio-availability and to give the body a "complete" food source of multiple natural beneficial compounds. Look out for "vege-caps" our vegetable encapsulated range or products compressed with no encapsulation, ensuring purity and simplicity. Our range is so pure that it includes many "Kosher certified" products, you just won't find that on other vitamin sites! All our products are post manufacture tested for potency so we know that what we say on the label is what you get. Many other vitamin companies do not do this and many products reach the consumer with a lot less than what they paid for. Our Whey is rBGH free, i.e. taken from cattle that are certified not injected with recumbent Bovine Growth Hormone, which has been linked to several cancers! Our Soy Whey is non-GMO (identity preserved), i.e contains no genetically modified soy. Where possible our products are in the from of a complex or are "chelated" since studies clearly show that the body finds these more bio-available and that they often need each other to work in the body in the best way and are often synergistic. One should always prefer these over single compound vitamins or supplements. It's no mistake that these products are the best on the market today. We specifically looked for the best manufacturers using the latest modern science and best facilities and highest standards. To us, Good 4 Life, is more than a label, it's a promise!
Thursday, March 4, 2010
New Fitness Portal Added to Site
Good4lifeshop have added a new Fitness Portal to the site. You can measure your calories burnt on that last run, your personalized daily needs, your personalized race paces, and training speeds. You can build a running training plan. And saving the best for last you can measure your own life expectancy after filling in a 20 minute survey without registering!
Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Good 4 Life sponsor DailyTriathlon.com article "Caffeine, performance winner or dream killer"?

We avoid caffeine fillers in our supplements because excess caffeine is associated with many illnesses and hampers long term performance in a number of different ways.  Other suppliers put it in fat burners claiming it will make you slim.  If that were true then all coffee drinkers would be slim! Read the full article at DailyTriathlon.com or view other supplements to avoid in "What's in your supplement?".

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Good4Lifeshop.com : Say “I love you” with a the gift of health and fitness!
What better way to say “I love you” this valentine’s day than the gift of health and future fitness? Send your loved one a Good4Lifeshop.com gift certificate and help them on their way to a healthier fitter life. Or show them you care when they are slimming with a stylish his or hers Bowflex heart rate monitor and pedometer.


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