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Our Organic Health Products range is world-beating in purity and meticulously processed to preserve the maximum nutrients.  USDA Certified Organic (vegan) range of supplements.  100% manufactured in the USA, exceeding GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.  Certified Organic by International Quality Assurance.   A member of UNPA (United Natural Products Alliance).   

certified usda organic, certified kosher, made in the usa

Why take organic food supplements?

Estimates suggest that the average westerner consumes nearly one gallon of pesticides a year. Pesticide processes carry a high carbon foot-print, so Organic is better for you and better for the environment. Nutritionists strongly recommend a diet that produces a 70 to 80% alkaine internal residue, so getting your greens is also vital to balancing your internal PH level.  Organic greens, grasses or blue and green algae supplementation will help you get there.



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Organic Spirulina (60 tabs) Organic Vitamin C 100mg (60 Organic Tablets)
Organic Spirulina (60 tabs)
Organic Vitamin C 100mg (60 Organic Tablets)
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