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Ath-Elite Paks

Ath-elite Paks

Using the most advanced scientific sports knowledge we defined the basic nutritional building blocks needed for enthusiast athletes looking to jump from ‘Middle of the Pack’ to Elite.



Safety First: no sucralose, no aspartame, no caffeine, no ephedra, no artificial colorings, no preservatives, less fillers such as sugar.



These packs were commissioned specifically for FWT to provide the best nutritional support for FWT members in the most cost effective manner.



A big concern is the damage FWT members experience from higher exposure to the Sun in Arizona so the basic Pak includes the best known skin protection from Lycopene and protection for your eyes from Lutein (the sunglasses of the eye).



Easily tailor FWT Ath-elite Paks to who you are, your age, your goals and your dietary needs.

Its time to beat the competition with better Nutrition
Ath-Elite Paks are unique and are bought to you by Good 4 Life “Safety First Sports Supplements”


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