About our site

Good4Life LLC care about nutrition and it's effect on health, fitness and wellbeing.  We work with the best specialists,  Doctors, Sports Nutritionalists and Scientists so that our supplement formulae are specifically designed to have the highest bio-availability on the market place.   This bio-availability can result in up to many multiples of more active supplement compound reaching the correct human bio-systems compared to other supplements on the market today. 

Green Credentials

We also strive to minimise our carbon foot print, all our supplements are manufactured within 20 miles of our warehouse.  Our manufacurers are green using zero energy gravity feeds and skylights for lighting.  We never print anything unless we have tried to do it electronically first. 

How do we select our supplements?

Our selections are the best of the best, the most bio-available, including 100% natural 'most easily absorbed' sources, often being derived from food or "superfood" sources.  Our products are manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, at laboratories that are members of United Natural Products Alliance, and the Natural Products Association, that exceed GMP manufacturing standards.   They include products that are USDA Organic Certified and QAI Certified Organic, Kosher Certified, and NSF Certified

Customers expect safety and reliability as a matter of course.  However, the practice of including ingredients that may be harmful and that we consider dangerous or unlikely deliver the suggested benefits is so endemic that we had to spend a year to find the products and manufacturers we could trust. Ultimately, we found that only products Made in the USA could be trusted to meet stringent US GMP standards.

What is your practice of honesty ?

Good4Life LLC has a mission to become the healthiest and most trusted source of vitamins minerals and supplements on the Web.

Good4Life LLC does not attempt to hide the true cost of a product in excessive shipping charges, we charge you only what it costs us to post a product to you.  

We state clearly the grams of active ingredients, number of capsules, and size of servings, to enable our customers to draw a true comparison of our prices. 

Good 4 Life LLC is a registered company in Phoenix, our products are made within weeks of supplying them to the customer.  We stand firmly behind our products and want our customers to enjoy their experience and keep coming back.  We are very competitively priced (including shipping and handling), and we have decades of knowledge and experience to share with you when you need help.

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