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Fitness Portal

free fitness portalAccess the web's best FREE tools, tips and neat content for all fitness folk at any level.

We will constantly be updating the Fitness Portal with the latest and best links to help create the perfect partner to any training or nutrition plan, all accessible in one place.

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Best Free Fitness Calculators

1) Your Calorific Needs for Hight Weight and Age: Calorific Needs

2) Your Expected Finish running times for any distance:  Finish Time Predictor

3) Your Running Pace in miles or kilometers:  Pace Calculator with Metric Conversions

4) Your Training Pace & Calories Burned for a recent run:  Pace & Calories Calculator

5) Runners World Whole Training Program for any goaled distance:  Smartcoach

6) A Life Expectancy calculator that will probably change your life:  Living to 100? 


Event Finders and Fitness Information

1) Great all round Events and Tips for endurance athletes: Active

2) Most comprehensive Events list in the US sorted by State: Events in the US


Nutrition Databases

1) How much vitamins/nutrients from which food source: Nutrition data

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